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The website is created using a customized exporter from Emacs' Org Mode HTML export feature. This is mainly nice because I can organize things well from my editor and also publish directly to the web without having to re-do content in some browser-based editor. Also, it's just a nice and fun tinkering experience.

Emacs Version

I'm mainly using Emacs 29.1 nowadays, which I compile after this procedure on Debian 12.


I designed this page with Iosevka Etoile and Iosevka Aile in mind, see Iosevka's project page. If you download these two fonts, it looks the prettiest. After experimenting with webfonts for a bit and deciding that paying the toll of downloading these huge font files is not worth it, I tried to find some other fonts that still let the site look decent-ish with just the fonts installed by default. If you have these fonts installed locally already, the in my view nicer design is chosen.

Org Roam

The excellent org-roam is used to organize links and pages together. I use this system to author notes and keep ideas (semi) organized. All notes that are tagged for publication on the website are published by some small shell scripts that run Emacs to convert the .org files into .html files, which are then uploaded to an external webhost. It is not terribly efficient, but it was (and still is!) fun to build.

On Finding new Content and Posts

I don't intend on keeping a clear list of blog posts, instead relying on a manually curated list of pages on the homepage. I am absolutely certain though that this page is in no way as nice as other pages such as the one from System Crafters, to which I am forever grateful for inspiration.

Testing the Website Exporter Code and Style

This page not only explains how the export works, but also serves as a testing ground for the export.

Bold text may appear anywhere.

Also, italic text is a possibility.

Why not some good old pre-formatted text?

Or strikethrough text?

Many different levels

of headers

contribute to something

that is

Author: Maximilian Heisinger

Created: 2023-08-08 Tue 12:48