What Is My Target Audience? Or: German vs. English Content

After reading may too many blogs and speaking with other people, I was beginning to wonder about my target audience on this site. Am I writing to German speakers only or do I focus more on global (or technical) topics? This is no easy question to answer, since this site and its sibling maximaximal.com were originally conceived only in my native language. This stemmed from local social circles and the desire to connect with other people in my area.

Nowadays, the focus is shifting a bit: I want to connect with more people that are not only from my country, but also from Europe and the rest of the world. Limiting myself to only one language makes the content I produce far less accessible to these other audiences, which is (obviously) against my interest. When I’m writing about technical topics, language barriers should break down and only the topic and required knowledge for understanding the very thing I am writing about should be the limiting factors for my readership.

This is why I decided to change this site to be multilingual. English should be the second main language of my blog and not only a second class citizen for a limited amount of sites. I am translating the most important pages and new content will be divided into these two languages. Not everything has to be in English, but the following posts generally better fit into this new group. I hope my writing is of interest to more people this way and old readers still enjoy my blog.

To conclude – I am looking forward to hearing from you and I hope you will like the incoming content!

All the best,