Paracooba: Multi-Core Distributed Multi-Problem Cube-And-Conquer SAT-Solver

After a year of hard work, my colleagues at the FMV and I proudly present Paracooba to you! This neat program of ours is a fully automated cube-and-conquer SAT-Solver that automatically discovers other daemons in the network, connects to them and distributes your SAT-Solving efforts over the network. Without any other work required, it utilizes all available cores on a given machine and even solves multiple SAT problems at once on a cluster.

To better understand all of this, we wrote a paper and made a presentation. The paper will be published in the proceedings of the SAT2020 conference. The talk, slides, and a short 2min pitch are available here. The presentation is on YouTube too.

The full presentation hosted on my webspace (no, YouTube, you may not track my visitors…)
This presentation also won the Best Presentation Award at SAT2020!

I am looking forward to continue development over time and to hearing from you!

All the best,