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Welcome to the new main page of my blog. This is a collection of semi-connected pages and serves as an archive of things that interest me. The website is kept simplistic and is rendered by Emacs.

About Me

I'm Max Heisinger, a PhD Student in Computer Science located in Linz, Austria, at the Johannes Kepler University (JKU). I'm interested in SAT solving, QBF solving, low-level programming, and solving problems of varying scales and difficulties.

About this Website

This used to be a mix of German and English, but I transformed it to be English-only. The pages are loosely organized and their URLs are not always nice and tidy, but it works reasonably well and it is nice for authoring. The old website was built using WordPress, which turned sour once already and I wanted to put away with dynamic blogs for a while, fully embracing a static webpage.

Date: 2023-06-25

Author: Maximilian Heisinger

Created: 2023-06-25 Sun 17:19